Theoretical Slots Payout Percentage for Laymen

How profitable is it to play or even invest time and money on the slots? Here is an idea of what they call theoretical slots payout percentage.

The best thing to know about slots is that they are set to release payouts from 82 to 98 percent we invest in them through our bets or the coins we insert in them. Such slots payout percentage is handsome enough for casinos to gather in many regular patrons in their slots areas. If we put in a dollar in the slots we will have the odds of getting back at least from 88 to 98 cents back.

There are machines with slots payout percentage of 75 percent. Most slots experts would advice against this. So we must look for machines with higher slots payout percentage before we play them, even for fun. Different regions set different standards for this. In Nevada, for instance, the regular slots payout percentage is 75 percent. So when in Nevada, we may not have many options as far as the payout is concerned. New Jersey has 78 percent. When the law sets such low percentages this may have something to do with the initial war against gambling campaigned in some parts of the US and other countries.

Slots payout percentage has many factors to consider. The winning sequences that frequently happen in the slots, and the returns and paybacks the machines all have something to do with the house's overhead costs. Thus, a percentage of the bet goes to the costs, and a certain slots payout percentage goes to the winning players. So, when we put in a dollar in a dollar machine, when we have played for, say, a million spins, the slots payout percentage will be $950,000 on average. The same if several players played amounting to a total of a million spins.

So we see here easily that general slots payout percentage is some 95 percent. Casinos get to keep the other $50,000 or 5 percent for its operation expenses and earnings. The lower the slots payout percentage the more casinos have earnings for expenses and profits. The higher the slots payout percentage, the lower their profits. We can just imagine how casinos would make up for the shortfall.

It is unlikely that machines designed by manufacturers for low slots payout percentage could be re-set to a higher one, and vice versa. It wouldn't be cost-effective in the long run.

So, there's the theory of slots payout percentage for laymen.