The Beauty Behind Miss America Slot

AC Coin and Slots, a known distributor of franchised slots games, gets the attention of most gamblers by releasing the exciting game known as Miss America Slot. This 25-cent slots based on Miss America, a celebrated beauty pageant in the United States, offers a jackpot prize amounting to 625 dollars. With this feature, players will surely have a higher rate of winning since Miss America slot machines' payoff schedule often gives out big cash prizes.

Miss America Slots Bonus Game

Both Miss America and Honeymooners slot variations have the same bonus game format. During the bonus game, players are required to correctly put together three pieces of a picture of one of the titleholders in the beauty pageant. Those who successfully do the task win the bonus game's huge jackpot prize.

The Slot Machine's Visual

People can easily locate Miss America Slot games on any casino floor because machines that feature this version contain many pictures of previous winners of the Miss America beauty pageant. Another attention-catching feature of this slot variation is the crown that sits on top of a red velvet pillow. In addition, players will have their hands full answering several Miss America questions while playing the game.

The History of Miss America Beauty Pageant

Considered as the longest-running beauty pageant in all of North America, Miss America was launched in 1921. The pioneering organizers are staying away from using the phrase "beauty contest" since they believed that the competition's evening gown and the swimsuit portions is just 1/3 of the contest proper. The contestant scores from these two portions are added to the score they will get from the interview portion, the talent portion and lastly the judges' interviews. These scores are added together to get the over-all score for the contestant. Each state winner is assured of a scholarship from the organizers.

Controversy Regarding Miss America Slot

Numerous previous contestants of the pageant are alarmed over some important matters that concern the slots game. They believed the pageant's wholesome image is tarnish because of the slot machine's success. For those who do not know whatever amount these slots games generate are use to fund the college scholarship granted to some female students. There are other instances that Miss America Slot and the Miss America beauty contest was at the center of controversy. In 1968, when this annual beauty contest was held in Atlantic City, hundreds of feminist protesters arguing that the beauty contest are humiliating some young women marched to the streets to protest. Hence, this started the yearly protest against the holding of the Miss America beauty contest.