RNG Busts Common Myths in Slots

Perhaps one of the most common casino games that have several myths abounding it is the slot machine. There are many misconceptions that often mislead slot players to believe certain myths that often affect the quality of their slot gambling.

Myth No. 1. The slot machines have payout time cycles.

The truth of the matter is the slot machines are operated with a random number generator or RNG which determines the winning combinations the slot machine will produce in every spin of the reels.

The RNG is responsible for ensuring random outcomes when the slot machine is played hence the results are generated in the most random fashion and not within a certain period of time to give a payout to its players.

Programming the slot machines within a certain time cycle to payout will open the opportunity for cheating from slot players because they will get the idea of when to expect the slot machine to hit a winning combination. The casino's RNG will always produce an independent, random outcome when the slot machine is played and not within a time cycle to give a payout.

Myth No. 2. The slot machines give a payout based on money cycles.

The truth is the RNG again operates in a manner that is independent from outside factors. There is no way that the slot machine will give a payout based on the amount of coins placed as bet by its players.

The slot machine generates winning combination randomly and independently with no other factors that can affect the result of the number generation inside the machine. Ensuring that the slot machine operates in this manner will make casinos credible with their business where not even their management can influence the outcome generated by their slots thereby providing a more credible result.

Myth No. 3. A slot machine that has not paid for quite sometime will be due to payout soon.

Because the modern slot machines are computer generated with an RNG that is mainly responsible for giving a random and independent outcomes it does not assure slot players that a slot machine will be due to give a payout.

One thing important to keep in mind when playing a slot machine is that a machine which has not paid out for quite some time is less likely to pay out and it is often referred to as tight slot machines. Casinos often program their slot machines as either tight or loose and it is up to the slot players to find one from the casino floor a machine with a better payout frequency (loose slot machines).

Myth No. 4. There is an effective slot strategy that will beat the house edge.

The slot machine's RNG can never be beaten by any play strategy because in the first place there is no chance for a player to exercise skillful play with slots. Once the reels begin spinning, the occurring event is beyond the control of the player.

The only influencing factor that a slot player can exercise when playing slots is placing a coin bet and hitting the spin button of the machine. Hence, the best applicable strategy that works best when playing the slot machines is directed towards bankroll and time management.