The Hilarious Cops and Donuts Game

Cops and Donuts Video Slots will make a policeman feel mad and uneasy. This game portrays American police force officials as funny donut-eating ticket authorities. Cops and Donut Slots will be a gambler's delight game, because it features among others; two bonus games, numerous winning spins and a jackpot of 50,000.

Cops and Donuts slots Specs

Cops and Donuts slots run on a 5-reel, 20 payline machine. The machine's coin values and maximum wager differs for each machine. The jackpot for all machines is peg at 50,000 coins, because preps don't like to be greedy in the region of cops.

Cops and Donuts Slots Speed Trap Bonus Game

When the law enforcer's car comes into view on the left reel and the icon for "speed limit" appears on the right spool of the same row, you have cause the Speed Trap bonus round. A segment of the highway will emerge showing the police car and a speed limit indicator and a clear video will appear on the screen.

The video shows Police Officer Leon, the policeman who tracked you down using a speed trap device. The player has the option to pick one alibi in a collection of funny and wacky alibis. As soon as you pick an alibi, it shows a free pick, a coin value, or a multiplier.

You will be allowed to make three to four excuses before a bonus game is terminated. Each choice will be added to your bonus credit value. This coin total is multiplied by the original coin stake you made and this will constitute your Speed Trap extra coin prize.

Cops and Donuts Slots Eating Bonus Game

As soon as three or further symbols of "Fresh Donuts" emerge on the first, the second and the third reels, Donut Eating Extra Round is triggered. The bonus game shows Officer Chip, whose area of expertise appears to be eating donuts.

A player is privilege to pick trays of donuts that determine the total number of credits he will win, and also you have to pick a casual number to find out the number of trays you'll get to choose.

As you do your selections, a video will be played showing Officer Chip snorting some donuts. While Officer Chip is eating, a win meter is registering all the bonus coins earned on the Cops and Donuts extra game. The full amount won throughout the Donut Eating bonus game ranges in the vicinity of 30 coins to 690 coins.

Cops and Donuts Slots Graphics

When you chance upon this video slots in casinos, you'll find a cheerful pair of cops in a police car goes around looking for petty criminals. In the backdrop, you'll notice Dunky's Donuts, which is in fact Officer Leon's and Officer Chip's preferred donut shack.